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International Students

At Halsey Drive School, we welcome enrolments from International Students. The school is  a signatory to the ‘Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students’.  Children are accepted at any level of the school if there is available space in classrooms once provision has been made for all New Zealand Resident children. International Students are taught the New Zealand Curriculum for years 1-6 (ages 5-11).  We have two specialist English teachers who support students with their English. 

Halsey Drive School International Students programme offers:

  • Small group tuition
  • Classroom support
  • Reading support
  • Friendly and safe environment
  • Individual learning programmes when required

Please contact the school office where a time will be made for you to meet with the principal. At this time you will have an opportunity to view our facilities and discuss our English language programme with our experienced staff.

You can also contact the school for an enrolment pack and a full list of requirements for International Students at admin@halseydrive.school.nz or (09) 6279106.

Further information can be found under the below headings:


International Student Applications and Procedures Checklist

Please read and complete the checklist in order to help with your application for tuition at Halsey Drive School as a fee paying student.

  1. Application for Enrolment
    Complete an application form and bring it with you to your interview.
    Bring passports and pay the administration fee which is non-refundable of NZ$250.00. 
  2. Conditions of Acceptance
    a) Students must be living with their parent(s).
    b) Students must be the appropriate age for the school.
    c) Students must have medical and travel insurance for the period of tuition.
  3. Offer of a Place and Visa Application
    If accepted, a letter offering a place at Halsey Drive School will be posted to you. Non acceptance will also be notified.
    The letter of acceptance is required for you to apply for a Student Visa from NZ Immigration.
  4. Acceptance and Fees
    On receipt of the acceptance letter  full payment for tuition fees is required.
  5. Starting Date at Halsey Drive School
    Once a Student Visa has been granted, bring it to school where enrolment procedures can be finalised and a starting day will be confirmed.


Summary Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of Students

When students from other countries come to study in New Zealand, it is important that those students are well informed, safe, and properly cared for.

New Zealand educational providers have an important responsibility for international students’ welfare.

This pamphlet provides an overview of the “Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students” (the Code), and provides a procedure that students can follow if they have concerns about their treatment by a New Zealand educational provider or agent of a provider.

What is the Code?
The Code is a document that provides a framework for service delivery by educational providers and their agents to international students.  The Code sets out the minimum standards of advice and care that are expected of educational providers with respect to international students.  The Code applies to pastoral care and provision of information only, and not to academic standards.

Who does the Code apply to?
The Code applies to all education providers in New Zealand with international students enrolled.  The Code is mandatory to these providers and must be signed by them.

What is an “international student”?
An “international student” is a foreign student studying in New Zealand.

How can I get a copy of the Code?
You can request a copy of the Code from your New Zealand education provider.  The Code is also available online from www.minedu.gov.goto/international.

How do I know if an education provider has signed the code?
The New Zealand Ministry of Education maintains a register of all signatories to the Code. This is available online from www.minedu.govt.nz/goto/international. If the education provider that you are seeking to enrol with is not a signatory to the Code, you will not be granted a permit from the New Zealand Immigration Service and you will not be able to study at that institution.

What do I do if something goes wrong?
If you have concerns about your treatment by your education provider or by an agent of the provider, the first thing you must do is contact the principal, the international student director, or another person who has been identified to you as someone that you can approach about complaints at your institution.  The Code requires all institutions to have fair and equitable internal grievance procedures for students and you need to go through these internal processes before you can take the complaint any further.

If your concerns are not resolved by the internal grievance procedures, you can contact the International Education Appeal Authority (IEAA).


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