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Auckland 1042
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About Halsey Drive School

Halsey Drive was named in honour of Vice-Admiral William Halsey, an admiral in the USA Navy in the South Pacific during World War II.  This link with the sea has been further continued by the naming of most of the streets in the district after well-known ships.

The school was built in 1968 and has over the last few years grown in size.  There are 20 classrooms and a hall that was constructed in 1998, a swimming pool complex which was heated in 2004 and a new library, which has recently been completed.

The School Badge

The school badge displays four quarters on its field, each with a particular significance.
The ship, on a stylised harbour, signifies the link with the Manukau Harbour Board, the previous owners and developers of the district.

The Olympic torch signifies the ideas of sportsmanship and the part sport plays in developing a healthy body.

The quill and book, in the centre, are symbolic of education, the central theme of the school.

The stylised tree signifies the land before the district was cleared for a residential area.
The scroll carries the school motto – MATAURANGA


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