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Musical Instrument Tuition & Halsey Drive School Band

KBB Music - Play with the best. KBB School Concert Band Programme

At Halsey Drive Primary, in partnership with KBB Music School Concert Band Programme, children have the opportunity to learn Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombone and Percussion (Snare Drum and Glockenspiel) and perform in a band.
Children have group lessons for half an hour and rehearse weekly in the School Band.

Apart from the pleasure of making music and performing with others, research shows learning to play an instrument brings many benefits to your child’s intellectual and emotional development. Learning to play an instrument directly contributes to skills in other academic areas.

The KBB Music School Concert Band Programme is open to students from year 4 and above. No prior musical experience or knowledge is required. Due to size constraints saxophone and trombone are generally only available to students in years 5 and above.

Band members get better grades in other subjects.

The average scores achieved by music students on the 1999 SAT, increased for every year of musical study.
Reference: Steven M. Demorest and Steven J. Morrison in “Does Music Make You Smarter?” Music Educators Journal, September. 2000.

Music Lessons Help student more than computer training.

Research shows music student are better equipped to comprehend mathematical and scientific concepts.
Reference: Neurological Research. February 28, 1997.

Musicians Succeed in other professions.

The very best engineers and technical designers in the Silicon Valley industry are, nearly without exception, practicing musicians.
Grant Venerable, The centre for the Arts in Basic Curriculum. New York, 1989.

Contact: Damon Key, Education Co-ordinator, at KBB Music, 157 Manukau Rd Epsom.
Phone: 623 8024 or 0800 775 226 ext 204 


Fine Young Artists

Fine Young Artists
Fine Young Artists is an inspirational fine arts programme designed for children who are passionate about art. 

Every term your child will take part in an exciting new programme based on the works of well-known local and international artists.Throughout their 8-week course they will constantly be inspired by these role models learning associated techniques and styles and creating their own fabulous piece of artwork during the process. 

Fine Young Artists is the perfect way to develop your child’s true artistic potential while also giving them a very real appreciation of art.



Contact:  Lexi Loof for information and enrolments
Ph. 631 5358




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